PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Author Brad Thor discussed his next novel, Foreign Agent: A Thriller with Dom Giordano on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT.

Thor explained the book ties in tightly to war against terrorism.

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“The premise of the new book, I’ve told people, basically in a nutshell, if you do the Hollywood pitch, it’s House of Cards meets Jason Bourne, if you will. The idea is that there is a very secret, high level, special operations team that is masked on the Syrian border and it’s going to be going in to grab the highest ranking ISIS member the United States has ever identified. But as they’re getting ready to launch, they are completely overwhelmed by just an insanely intense ambush. Now nobody should have known they were there and all the information points back to my main character, Scot Harvath.”

He also discussed the security threats he faces, having decided to write books based on controversial current events.

“There’s not question that I have a big problem, because one of my books got banned in Saudi Arabia. That was my book, The Last Patriot. There is a threat. I travel with security. I have security at home. That is our issue and we deal with it. That’s the thing. I’ve told people that my right to write anything I want is equaled by a right just as powerful, which is, to not read it. The threats around the world have only gotten worse under the current administration because we’ve rolled back. If you don’t have a policeman, the criminals run wild.”

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Thor and Giordano will be appearing together for the next WPHT Speaker Series at The Fuge in Warminster on June 16. Tickets and more information are available at


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