This is the future of food trucks – an affordable, every-changing gourmet experience on wheels. Locally sourced ingredients, health-conscious farms, a mission to help the area’s economy. There’s a mission here. And there’s delicious food.

We caught up with the 215 truck at the Yards Beer tasting room on North Delaware Avenue. Nothing better than a flight of fine ales with our lunch. And, as much as we love Yards Beer, we enjoyed this truck’s offerings.

Start with this unique (to food trucks) and cheesy item: a $10 Buratta, which is mozzarella the size of a hardball, containing inner layers of ricotta, stracciatella and heavy cream. It’s placed on a bed of asparagus and chive blossoms and doused with blackberry puree. Ok, this sounds rather nouvelle for my typical food hunt, granted. But you know what? It was absolutely delicious.

Equally fun was the $10 Home-Made Poached Sausage Sandwich. Understand, the boys on the 215 Truck do their own butchering, and their skills show through here. The meat is seasoned with sea salt and black pepper. It comes on a brioche roll with homemade kraut and mustard. The perfect pairing for a Yards Pale Ale.

local3 Food Truck Review: No. 50

We recommend everything we tried from this great truck – the white cheddar mac and cheese, the spicy chicken sandwich. You can find them on Twitter at @Local 215. Truth it, they do more events and catering than visits to the Philly Streets. SO your best bet is to persuade a pal to hire them for his wedding.

Score: 88/100

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