By Chelsea Lacey-Mabe

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Philadelphia is not feeling any Brotherly Love from Travel +Leisure readers who ranked Philadelphia as number five in the top-10 list of “Least Attractive People.”

According to this year’s survey, Philadelphians are slightly more attractive than Baltimore residents, ranked number four, but, sadly, less attractive than their Pittsburgh neighbors who came in sixth.

Philly also managed to snag the number three spot among the “Unfriendliest Cities in America.”

The assessment was a part of the annual “America’s Favorite Places” survey that ranks major metropolitan areas in categories like luxury shops, parks, craft beers and “good looking locals.”

Unfortunately, Philly didn’t make the cut in that category, although they did get some positive mentions for the local art and food truck scene. Philly cheesesteaks, meanwhile, landed the city in the top three cities for best sandwiches.

And while “least attractive” may seem like a low blow, it may actually be Philadelphians’ passion for their sports teams that gained readers’ “unfavor.”

The publication found the list of 10 least attractive cities had “an eerie overlap” with the survey’s list of top 10 cities with enthusiastic sports fans.