Hey, spending $15 on any food truck item seems excessive. But it’s a lobster roll, so pony up, my friend, you won’t find it cheaper anywhere.

lobster2 Food Truck Review: No. 49

Alas, the chilled lobster roll at the traveling Surf and Turf truck was no better than decent. We’ve enjoyed the seafood delight everywhere from Cape Cod to South Philly (Chickie’s and Pete’s actually makes a superior one), and this creation doesn’t make our top ten.

The meat itself was fine – fresh and tasty. Close examination of our sandwich showed a lot of tasty claw meat, buried in too much mayo and accented with celery and spices. It’s placed on a bed of citrus kale – this decade’s most overrated vegetable. Flawed, but still tasty because, after all, it is lobster meat.

The problem was that it was all laid into a thick, top-split brioche roll. Too thick — this was a roll on steroids. Most good lobster rolls come on a simple hot dog roll, and there’s a reason. The proportion of doughy bread to meat here was way out of whack. In fact, while we gobbled down every molecule of lobster, we left much of the roll behind.

lobster 3

Hey, it’s an ambitious idea, selling lobster from a truck. But Surf and Turf doesn’t quite have it down. You can follow them on Twitter at @surfturftruck.

Score: 75/100

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