By Greg Argos

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Welcome to Seattle East. A lot of people here in Philly are praying for the sun, waiting to get rid of those umbrellas and wishing for dry feet, but not everyone.

Besides Mother Nature, there are some people who are pleased with the precipitation.

“Every time it rains, I just feel good,” said Valerie Keller, who lives in Pennsport.

Valerie knows the city has a problem with flooding due to storms.

“The pipes get overwhelmed and there could be overflow into the rivers and flooding problems and all of that,” she said.

So she signed up to become part of the City Water Department’s Storm Management Program.

“The name of the program is Raincheck,” said Maggie Dunn, a community planner at Philadelphia Water.

They collect rainwater using barrels and planters.

“It’s gathering water from the roof. It’s taking water from my roof and my neighbor’s roof,” Dunn said. “If we keep some of that rainwater out, then some of that sewage water will be treated and we won’t have this overflow problem.”

Another way to end the water flow problem is to simply find the sun.