WARMINSTER, Pa. (CBS) — Warminster Police are issuing a warning to the residents of Warminster regarding an ongoing scam. Authorities say that scammers are posing as Warminster Water Authority employees and requesting money from homeowners.

Police say the scammers are telling homeowners that they must pay them a substantial amount of money if they do not want their water service to be shut off. There were also reports of the individuals trying to open the doors to some homes as well.

Officials are reminding residents that their water service would not be turned off without several warnings from the water authority.

Legitimate ID and vehicles for Warminster Water Authority employees. (credit: Warminster Police)

Legitimate ID and vehicles for Warminster Water Authority employees. (credit: Warminster Police)

Police tell homeowners that while municipal workers do not have a uniform, they do show proper identification and will be driving in a Warminster Water Authority truck.

Residents are told to call the police if they have any suspicion that someone claiming to be a water authority employee, is actually not.

So far authorities have gathered descriptions for three of the alleged scammers. One is described as a white male in his 20’s or 30’s with a short gray goatee, glasses, a dark blue pocket shirt and work boots.

The second is described as a white male, very tan, heavy set, wearing a blue tee-shirt and jeans. The third is described as a black male, 6’0″ tall with a thin build, curly hair and wearing a blue collared shirt and jeans.

Police say the individuals had two vehicles. One was an older model blue Ford F-150 with a rusted dent above the rear driver’s side wheel and a clear plastic license plate cover. The second was a black Jeep (unknown make and model).

Authorities urge anyone who sees these individuals, or these vehicles, to contact the Warminster Police at 215-443-5000, or dial 911.