By Michael Cerio 

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — “These first two records mean the world to people, and it’s not easy to put that into words, but we truly understand how that feels,” says frontman Bert McCracken of The Used before two packed shows at Electric Factory in Philadelphia.

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After fifteen years, the Utah band brought their brand of heavy, anxious, and agitated rock back to Philadelphia this week to celebrate their milestone and play their first two albums in their entirety. More than a decade after reigning over rock radio, the band uncoiled their self-titled debut on Tuesday night, with their sophomore effort In Love And Death following on Wednesday.

“These first two records saved my life over and over” explains an astonished McCracken before their first set. “What an awesome testament to the power of music. What a great celebration of fifteen years and a celebration of triumphs over tragedies in a way. I think that a lot of us have kind of healed from the teenage angst and a lot of the things that maybe these records were about for us.”

The Used struck a chord with their debut album in 2002, grinding out punishing tales against conformity and sour relationships. It would catapult McCracken from poverty in Utah to the international airwaves and a slot on tours like Projekt Revolution with Linkin Park, The Warped Tour, and Ozzy Osbourne’s Ozzfest.

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“Drugs and alcohol was the big headliner, and they were awesome everyday” laughs McCracken about his turn on Ozzfest.

That was then though. Now sober and married, those songs that rocketed the band to festival main stages still hold new and special meaning for Bert McCracken as The Used travel the country to celebrate fifteen years as a band. “The songs kind of translate into something that means more on a bigger level” he states plainly. “Songs about freedom and learning from our mistakes, what it takes to deal with the reality of life and death, and the complications of love. It’s a beautiful thing.”

To hear more from Bert McCracken of The Used, check out the full interview below or watch the video here.

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