By Ukee Washington

By Ukee Washington

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — It’s not uncommon to hear about a group of young people putting on a music concert, but this group is a little different, and they embrace it. Everyone gets a chance to be a rock star.

“Today we do music,” explained singer Katie McNamee, “and we’re rehearsing for a concert.”

There are dancers, drummers, and divas. One singer belted out “New York, New York.”

They are all part of Kate’s Place. JoAnn McNamee started it, inspired by developmentally delayed teens and young adults like her daughter, Katie, who has Down syndrome.

“They’re forgotten,” JoAnn explained. “They don’t go off to college like their friends do. They can’t drive to their friend’s house.”

Kate’s Place meets at First United Methodist Church in Moorestown three times a week for activities.

“We love Kate’s Place a lot,” singer Andi Hozdevila said.

The concert will raise funds for Kate’s Place. Dalton Stilts, 21, plans to sing some Green Day, “Wake Me Up When September Ends.”

The music lessons are run by a non-profit called All Together Now Music. Laura Reynolds is president. “They have a lot of chances to collaborate with each other. We’re all of us constantly growing together, learning from each other,” Laura said.

The young people here find friends and even love. Katie will sing with her boyfriend, Andi. Every note need not be perfect to be powerful.

The Kate’s Place concert, “Heart and Soul,” is on Saturday, May 21. Tickets are on sale now for $12 each. Deadline to purchase is May 14. You can go to for more information.

Tickets are also being sold at First United Methodist Church 446 Camden Ave. Moorestown almost any Monday, Wednesday or Friday between 2:00 and 6:00 PM.

To buy tickets by mail, send a check to Kate’s Place, PO Box 771, Moorestown, NJ 08075.

Ukee Washington