I had five people with me when I hit the Dump-N-Roll truck at the Manayunk Streat Festival in early April, so we loaded up with the $20 sampler tray. There was a lot going on there – a huge plate full of dumplings and egg rolls, with a side of fries.

Actually, yucca fries with truffle salt. Tasty stuff, and my two teenaged nephews scrummed over who got to finish those.


The dumplings and eggrolls varied from restaurant quality to, well, unfinishable. Loved the pork-shrimp shrimp spring roll.

Appreciated the Philly Cheese Steak roll. Tossed the greasy deep-fried mac’ and cheese roll in the trash. Some things just never needed to be invented.

I wanted to order a phyllo dough dessert billed as “The Gasm Roll – the Ultimate Mouth Orgasm.” But, hey, I was standing there with my 13-year-old nephew. It just didn’t seem like something I could do at the time.

You can follow their locations on Twitter at @DumpNRoll215.

Score: 77/100