I had five people with me when I hit the Dump-N-Roll truck at the Manayunk Streat Festival in early April, so we loaded up with the $20 sampler tray. There was a lot going on there – a huge plate full of dumplings and egg rolls, with a side of fries.

Actually, yucca fries with truffle salt. Tasty stuff, and my two teenaged nephews scrummed over who got to finish those.

39 Food Truck Review: No. 38

The dumplings and eggrolls varied from restaurant quality to, well, unfinishable. Loved the pork-shrimp shrimp spring roll.

Appreciated the Philly Cheese Steak roll. Tossed the greasy deep-fried mac’ and cheese roll in the trash. Some things just never needed to be invented.

I wanted to order a phyllo dough dessert billed as “The Gasm Roll – the Ultimate Mouth Orgasm.” But, hey, I was standing there with my 13-year-old nephew. It just didn’t seem like something I could do at the time.

You can follow their locations on Twitter at @DumpNRoll215.

Score: 77/100