PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – On Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, Chris Stigall spoke with supporters of both Ted Cruz and Donald Trump in advance of next week’s Pennsylvania primary as they attempt to make the case for their preferred candidates.

Carly Fiorina, a former presidential candidate and the ex-CEO of Hewlitt-Packard, has formally endorsed Cruz and believes he is the best choice for voters who want to reduce the size of the federal government.

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“So much of what ails us as a nation is that we have to much power concentrated in the hands of too few people in Washington DC. That system has to be challenged and power needs to be returned to where it belongs, to the citizens of this nation and to communities and states, where the Constitution intended power to reside. I think it’s important to have a conservative. I think it’s important to have a fighter because challenging the status quo is always difficult and Ted Cruz has proven he’s a fighter. I think there is so much at stake in this election and I think Ted Cruz is the only guy who fits the bill. He’s both a conservative and fighter and I think that’s what we need.”

She criticized Donald Trump as an interloper that has no business atop the ticket of the Republican party.

“You know someone by the pattern of their life, not by what they happen to say behind a podium at a rally and the pattern of Donald Trump’s life is clear. First of all, he’s more a Democrat by a long shot. He agrees with Hillary on too many things. Let’s just start with Obamacare. Who knows just what kind of Supreme Court justices he would appoint, although what he said is that he’d cut a deal with Chuck Schumer and Harry Reid. I don’t want a deal maker.”

Fiorina also cast doubt on whether the New York billionaire could ever make good on his promise to construct a wall along the southern border with Mexico.

“People say they are tired of politicians just saying whatever it takes to get elected. Donald Trump is saying whatever he thinks he to say to get elected…Let’s talk about how he’s going to build the wall…What he says he’s going to do is take money out of individuals remittances back to Mexico. In other words, he’s going to build the wall by taking money, not away from the Mexican government, but from individuals, who are sending money back to their families. Wow. How’s he going to do that? He can’t do that.”

Conversely, conservative columnist and author Ann Coulter is fully endorsing Trump’s candidacy and sees him as the only candidate that can follow through on his campaign pledges.

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“Immigration is everything. No other issues matter unless we stop being outvoted by foreigners, we’re just going to lose, lose, lose. Let’s just limit it to us and then we can argue about other stuff. I actually think Trump is fantastic on these other issues: trade, making the hedge fund managers pay the same rate that you and I do. Issue after issue, he punches back. He doesn’t grovel to the media. I love that he attacks the media. He is so magnificent.”

Coulter fired direct shots at state Republican parties, who she thinks are working to undermine the primary process to steal the nomination from Trump.

“It really is outrageous, what some of these state parties are doing. We’ve never had a situation like this where the party bureaucrats are against the Republican voters. The voters keep going for Donald Trump. Every election goes for Trump and then, oh, we’re going to pick the delegates. Oh look, they’re all Cruz delegates. No. That is unfair and it is the party being unfair.”

Another Trump advocate, author and commentator Jeffrey Lord wishes the two candidates would unite their forces and begin focusing on the general election.


“Ted Cruz should be Donald Trump’s Vice-President and they ought to just pair up and do this. Frankly, if they paired up today, this race would be over today. If all the Cruz delegates went for Trump and Trump picked Cruz for Vice-President, we would be done. Alas, I don’t think that’s going to happen and it’s too bad.”

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