By Mike Dougherty

By Mike Dougherty

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — With prom season and summer right around the corner, the most dangerous times for teen drivers, students at Roman Catholic High School attended an assembly to get a refresher on the dangers of distracted driving.

Two students compete in a game of Mario Kart, with the controller in one hand and texting with the other. The goal is to simulate how difficult it is to do two things at once behind the wheel. Truth is, though, many of them know first hand what that feels like in real life.


“I’ll get in the car with my friends, and they will just be on their phone the whole time.”

Senior Andrew Mulson is president of the school’s Students Against Destructive Decisions group. Recently, he’s been speaking up when his friends won’t put down the phone while driving.

“I guess some get grumpy and say ‘don’t tell me what to do,’ but most get it.”

He says if just one person changes his ways from this assembly, it’s a success. But he’s hoping for a bigger impact than that.