By Justin Udo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A local organization held a forum, to better educate people on the Muslim World and its relationship with the United States.

The World Affairs Council of Philadelphia, Tuesday presented a panel discussing the state of the Arab world and the challenges faced by the international community in defeating ISIS.

“In all of American history, there has never been a time where what happens in distant places affects us at home more instantly and with a greater degree of impact,” Craig Snyder said.

Snyder, with the World Affairs Council, says they want people attending the forum to leave more informed about Islamic radicalist.

“Where ISIS came from, who’s responsible for it, what we can do about it and what it really means in terms of our security and beyond that, what’s the future for the Arab Middle East,” he said.

During the forum, panelist also discussed the failures of the Arab Spring, the uprising that was supposed to bring better democracy to Arab countries.