33rd and Market

Next to your basic cheesesteaks or egg sammies, the most common food truck item in town might be tacos. This is already my third taco stop on this venture, and I know there are many more out there. It makes sense – tacos are affordable, easy to make and downright delicious.

Los Compadres, like the others, makes solid tacos. They’re three for $7, and you can mix and match from lots of varieties. We went for the Alpastor (pork marinated with pineapple), the Carnitas (a spicier port) and Chorizo (Mexican sausage). A little hot sauce, a spritz of fresh lime and you’ve got a fun, cheap lunch.

glen 1

The grill man at Los Compadres was half the fun – proud of his work and eager for you to enjoy the food. As I said, there are taco trucks all over the city. This one’s worth stopping for.

Score: 80/100

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