VILLANOVA, Pa. (CBS) — They waited 31 years for one shining moment, and what an exciting ending it was for the Villanova Wildcats as they won their first NCAA championship since 1985.

With just seconds to go, a six point lead vanished and North Carolina tied it at 74. But just before the buzzer sounded, Villanova’s Kris Jenkins nailed a 3-pointer to win it all 77-74.

Fans celebrated a big night in Houston and a big night on campus.

Across the Main Line, fans flooded Lancaster Avenue for some time Monday night.

Unfortunately, not everyone followed the rules as police said there was at least five arrests and several minor injuries reported.

People were spotted throwing cans and bottles into the crowd and on top of that there were two minor fires that police quickly extinguished.

But the majority of fans went on to celebrate the big win peacefully.

Ariel Massillon exclaimed, “I am so excited! All my friends go to North Carolina and I want to rub it in their face! Nova Nation all day, we’re the best!”

As the celebration continues, Villanova decided to cancel classes today. And this morning, the ‘National Champions’ t-shirts arrived at the bookstore.

Five thousand of the t-shirts will go on sale.

The team is expected to arrive back on campus around 5 p.m.

Villanova University has announced plans for a celebratory parade on Friday, April 8, in Philadelphia. Stay with CBS3 and for live coverage of the parade.