Chris discussed Villanova’s thrilling last second shot to win the NCAA Tournament, charges not being filed against former Eagle LeSean McCoy, and the fight for convention delegates between Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and John Kasich. He talked with author Kevin Ring about his book, Scalia’s Court.

6:00 Villanova won the National Championship, beating North Carolina with a shot at the buzzer.

6:26 Charges will not be filed against former Eagle LeSean McCoy for fighting with off-duty police officers in February.

6:35 What’s Trending: Crying Jordan, Villanova, Chase Utley

6:54 Donald Trump surrogate Roger Stone wants to out delegates that won’t support his candidate.

7:00 Donald Trump says he’ll start acting presidential, but not yet.

8:00 Megyn Kelly asked Ted Cruz about the sexual allegations against him.

8:20 Chris talks with Kevin Ring, the author of Scalia’s Court.

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8:48 The NFL on Twitter.