3pm – Kasich defends eating pizza with fork: It was ‘scalding hot, OK?’

3:05pm – Trump stokes controversy with abortion comments

4pm – Hockey dad sentenced to three days in prison for threatening to kill referee

4:05pm – Texas mom allowed sex offender to tattoo her 3 children

4:10pm – Rich reviews Batman v. Superman

4:20pm – Fox News Host Greg Gutfeld Makes Honest Admission About How Trump Has Affected Network Relationships

4:25pm – Rich analyzes the difference between Trump and Cruz supporters

4:30pm – Cruz jokes about running over Trump with car

5pm – Comedian Jim Norton, Co- Host of the OPIE AND JIM Show, discussed his tour, Mouthful of Shame Tour, the Presidential race and  more.

5:20pm –  John Kasich to Chuck Todd: “We’re Not In A Psychologist’s Office Here”