3pm – This Campaign Has Turned Into Nonsense

3:20pm – Donald Trump Continues to Stand by Corey Lewandowski’s Side

3:25pm – Ted Cruz: “Of Course” I’d Fire Corey Lewandowski If He Were My Campaign Manager

3:30pm – Chris Farrell, Director of Research and Investigations for Judicial Watch, discussed the State Departments ‘Shifting Admissions’ in Hillary Clinton’s email lawsuit.

3:50pm – Final Four 2016: The rematch between Villanova and Oklahoma

4pm – Donald Trump defends embattled campaign manager

4:20pm – Woman boarded plane with no ID, officials say

4:30pm – ISIS Publishes List Of Targets That Includes N.J. Police Officers

4:40pm – Obamacare patients sicker and pricier than expected

5pm – Trump: Ban abortions, punish women who get them

5:30pm – George Orwell Call Your Office: Marquette Demands Ritual Apology From Embattled Professor

5:43pm –  VIRAL VIDEO: Black Student Accosts White Student for Having Dreadlocks

5:50pm – Angry woman calls 911 over wrong pizza order