By Tim Jimenez

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Groups representing cab and limo drivers in the city, who have protested having to compete with ride sharing services in recent months, are now eyeing the Democratic National Convention to make a big statement.

The Philadelphia Limousine, Cab and Taxi Associations, that’s three separate groups, say they’ll boycott the DNC and protest here at the Convention Center in July if nothing is done to reign in Lyft and UberX.

The two ride sharing services can’t legally operate in Philadelphia, but have been doing so since November 2014.

Cab drivers say they have less money in their pockets because they have to compete with Lyft and UberX Drivers who don’t have to follow the rules like they do.

Lawmakers in Harrisburg are looking to regulate the ride sharing services, Leadership with The cab and limo driver associations say though, that the bills they’ve looked at don’t have the same oversight or wage and safety requirements for UberX or Lyft that are on the books for themselves.

Uber released the following statement on the potential boycott: ‘Uber is proud to serve Philadelphia and keep the city moving, especially during major events that attract visitors and boost the economy. It’s unfortunate that these groups have decided to put their own interests above the needs of the city.’

Mayor Kenney’s spokeswoman says, ‘My administration has met with both the Let Philly Ride campaign and the authors of this press release. Following the meeting, we issued a public statement calling on Harrisburg to pass appropriate regulations on ridesharing services, since the Mayor doesn’t have the legislative authority to do so. We’re hopeful state legislation will be passed in advance of the Convention.