PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Former Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina voiced her support for Texas Senator Ted Cruz and defended him against attacks from Donald Trump.

Fiorina, in an interview with Dom Giordano on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, believes Cruz is the best candidate remaining in the race.

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“I think it’s important to have a conservative in the White House. Why? Because as constitutional conservatives, we understand the problem in Washington is too much power. Too much power, too much money concentrated in the hands of too few people. Because the system, itself, favors the big, the powerful, the wealthy and the well connected and is crushing everyone else. Those are the reasons I ran for the Presidency in the first place. Honestly, several weeks ago, when we had a primary in my home state of Virginia, and I looked at the ballot and saw my own name, which was kind of a thrill, but I also said the stakes are high. Who else in this race, and there were others left in the race at that time, is a constitutional conservative who will challenge the system? I voted for Ted Cruz.”

She claimed Donald Trump has continually demonstrated that he is part of the problem, not the solution.

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“Donald Trump is the system that needs to be challenged. He’s not a politician, although he sure acts like one sometimes. But, Hillary Clinton is also the system and has made her millions selling access and influence from the inside and Donald Trump has made his billions buying people like Hillary Clinton off. He is the system. Donald Trump is a bully. Donald Trump doesn’t scare me one bit. Donald Trump clearly has a problem with strong women. Somehow it always ends up being a fight. All you need to know about Donald Trump is that the same week that we had a terrorist attack in the heart of Europe, he spends the rest of the week attacking Heidi Cruz.”

Fiorina also explained coming to Cruz’s aid during a press conference where he was asked about a report many believe was planted by Trump allies in the National Enquirer alleging Cruz has engaged in multiple affairs, saying Trump has way too much influence over the media.

“It was an example of the media always dancing to Donald Trump’s tune. The Daily Mail is a rag, okay. They traffic in gossip. But, it’s also an example of the fact that here, when we’ve had a major terrorist attack, yesterday we had a shooting on Capitol Hill, that the first question out in a press conference is have you ever cheated on your wife? And, why did he ask that question? Because Donald Trump has commandeered the conversation in the media.”


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