PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A teenage girl is recovering after being hit by a stray bullet while standing right outside her front door in Hunting Park.

Police say it is more than likely the girl was not the intended target.

She is listed in stable condition with a gunshot wound to her thigh.

Detectives are now working to track down her shooter or shooters.

Late Thursday night, police responded to the scene at N. 7th and Luzerne Streets to attend to the 16-year-old victim.

Minutes before the shooting, investigators say she was walking her dog and talking to her sister on their front steps.

Then came the quick claps of gunfire, and the teen realized she was hit.

Officials say she ran inside of her home and her family called police and started treating her wound.

Chief Inspector Scott Small says, “We do not have a description of the shooter or shooters. At this point it appears the 16-year-old is an innocent victim.”

Detectives are set to go back out to the scene to look for surveillance footage.