3pm – Lifeguards with public pensions? No wonder Atlantic City is drowning in debt

3:20pm – After racist tweets, Microsoft muzzles teen chat bot Tay

3:30pm – Obama’s controversial Cha-Cha

3:50pm – The Poll Showing Kasich in the lead in PA is Garbage

4pm – During ask the Doctor, Rich and Dr. Mazz discussed concussions from football, hackers attacking hospitals,  and why short guys get paid less.

4:30pm – Rich spoke with Jef Henninger ESQ and actor Carlo Bellario regarding Carlo facing serious crime time for a having a BB gun while filming a movie.

5pm – Donald Trump and Ted Cruz battle it out on Twitter

5:30pm – Man Who Fired Shots to Scare Off Pit Bulls Attacking His Dog Charged With Reckless Endangerment