PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The number of children being treated for medication-related poisoning has been rising dramatically.

According to a new survey, 59,000 children end up in emergency rooms each year as a result of medication poisoning.

The older we get, the more medications we take. Too often, we leave them on the nightstand. Using a day of the week pill container is easy for you and all to easy for your grandchild to open.

“A fair number of the kids find a pill that dropped on the ground, on the carpet, they can be found in purses,” says Emergency Medicine Dr. Kate Cronan of the Nemours Alfred I duPont Hospital for Children. “People will occasionally leave medications in their pocketbooks.”

Dr. Cronan says if you think a child got into your medications watch for signs.

“They suddenly start acting very sleepy, beyond how they get for a nap,” she says, “or they act just not like themselves, or they’re confused or vomiting.”

Call poison control or 911 — and if you can tell doctors what medications you take, that will help a lot.

Cronan says a new study shows that a child seeks emergency care for medicine poisoning every nine minutes.