PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Dr. Sebastian Gorka from the Marine Corps University and the National Defense University spoke with Dom Giordano on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT about the terrorist attack in Brussels, and blamed politicians for not doing more to confront the threat from radicals.

Gorka said security and intelligence officials know what they are doing, but politicians get in the way.

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“It’s not a real problem of the operators. I’ve talked to these people. The national security professionals, the intelligence community, they get it. They understand what the threat is. The problem is the politicians, the people who’ve created this paradise of multicultural post-secular, post-modern whatever you want to call it.”

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He also believes states will need to increase their efforts in the fight against terrorist groups if they are ever going to be defeated.

“I’d like to see the members of NATO in Europe take their defense obligations more seriously and spend on their defense more proportionally. But this is really going to be a fight for our Sunni allies in the region. The face of the war against groups like ISIS and Al Qaeda have to be people like the Jordanians, the Egyptians, the UAE, the Sunnis of Iraq and we have to help facilitate their crushing of groups like ISIS.”

Gorka stated the level of preparedness does not exist on the level that it needs to.

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“You don’t want to stop these guys minutes before they deploy, you want to catch them weeks and months beforehand by having people in those communities, human intelligence assets that can identify them in time, that’s what seems to be missing right now.”