3pm  – Nestle USA Voluntary Recall March 2016

3:05pm – Trump beats Rubio in another Florida poll

3:10pm – Trump Butler: “Incredibly Generous,” “Just A Nice Man”

3:20pm – Breitbart Editor-at-Large Calls on Trump to Fire Abusive Campaign Manager: ‘No Excuses’

4pm – AG Lynch: DOJ Has Discussed Whether to Pursue Civil Action Against Climate Change Deniers

4:20pm -Cruz Calls Trump Supporters Low Information Voters

4:30pm – Glenn Beck: ‘I Don’t Know What the Hell Has Happened to Matt Drudge’

4:40pm – Rick Scott Has Mic Shut Off When He Refuses to Say That Muslims Don’t Hate America

4:50pm – Hillary Clinton is asked if she will drop out if she is indicted over emails

5:20pm – Stomp The Stocker

5:30pm – Donald Trump: ‘I think Islam hates us’

5:40pm – Clinton at Dem Debate: Benghazi Victim’s Mom Is ‘Absolutely Wrong’