Chris reviewed last night’s Democratic presidential debate, Carly Fiorina’s endorsement of Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio saying that he will not drop out of the race. He spoke with actor Tony Danza about the Northeast High School fundraiser, author Craig Shirley about the death of Nancy Reagan, and Senator Pat Toomey about Donald Trump’s impact on his Senate campaign.

6:00 Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders debated last night again on CNN.

6:02 Carly Fiorina endorsed Ted Cruz in the Republican Primary.

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6:50 Hillary Clinton refused to answer a question on whether she would drop out of the race if indicted.

7:00 Chris talks to actor Tony Danza about this year’s fundraiser for Northeast High School.

7:20 Chris talks with Ronald Reagan biographer Craig Shirley about the death of Nancy Reagan.

7:35 Marco Rubio says he is not dropping out of the presidential race.

7:39 David French: The Cruz Catch-22.

8:20 Chris talks with Senator Pat Toomey about how Donald Trump winning the Republican nomination would impact his re-election.

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