Chris reviewed last night’s Democratic town hall forum on FOX News, New York City passing a law that allows transgender people to pick the bathrooms they use and a verdict awarding sports reporter Erin Andrews $55 million.

6:00 Hillary Clinton answered questions about her email server at a town hall forum on FOX News last night.

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6:18 In a preview for her upcoming show, Caitlin Jenner said Hillary Clinton only cares about herself.

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6:48 Sports reporter Erin Andrews was awarded $55 million in a ruling against her stalker and hotel managers.

7:01 Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced he will not run for President.

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7:02 A new law in New York allows transgender people to choose which bathroom they use.

7:18 Bernie Sanders said he will not rely on executive action if elected President.

7:51 The first successful transplant of a uterus in the United States occurred yesterday.

8:05 Some political advisers are suggesting that Senator Marco Rubio end his presidential campaign.

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