PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Former Chairman of the Republican National Committee, Michael Steele says he can see a scenario where none of the Republican candidates acquire enough delegates to seal the party’s nomination heading into the convention in Cleveland this Summer, which could lead to a drawn out floor fight to pick the person that takes on the Democrats in the fall.

Steele, during an interview with Rich Zeoli and Dom Giordano on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, said Cruz kept the hope alive for people who want to stop Trump.

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“With Ted Cruz’s win in Oklahoma and Texas, it really sets it in motion. Whether or not it comes to fruition, there’s still some fight left. There’s some, again, battles to be won this coming week…You’ve got the big fight the following week, that’s Florida and the winner take all states. But yeah, I think there is a real possibility.’

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However, Steele stated it would be a big mistake for the party to attempt to steal the nomination from Trump at the convention.

‘Now look, the establishment types want to use this argument as the wall. This is how they plan to stop Donald Trump. And again, like they calculate most things, they’re getting it wrong. If there’s attempt, any effort, to take away Donald Trump’s effort, diminish it going into Cleveland, certainly, to hijack the convention in a way that, if he walks in there with a plurality of votes, and let’s say he’s only 300, 200 votes away from the nomination, the fact that there are any attempts take that away from him will be a real problem for the party. I think people just need to get over that. If we wind with a brokered or contested convention, let it unfold naturally, which likely means that those who are behind Donald Trump have to cut the deal with him, ultimately, and not him with them.”

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