PHILADELPHIA (CBS) –– Reporter and author Matt Katz reacted to New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s endorsement of Donald Trump for President, and said Christie made a politically calculated decision that he hopes will pay off for him if Trump wins the Presidency.

Katz, during an interview with Chris Stigall on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, stated he was not shocked at all to see Christie lineup behind the current front runner for the Republican nomination.

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“I was not surprised. I figured he would do the most politically savvy thing that you could do, which is pick a winner. He believes Donald Trump is going to win this nomination so he is jumping on board and hoping that yields a job in the administration down the line.”

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He pointed out that Christie’s ongoing dispute with Florida Senator Marco Rubio may hav factored in as a secondary point in his Trump endorsement, but maintains the decision comes primarily from Christie’s intent to lookout for himself.

“Apparently Rubio called him and left a voicemail after Christie dropped out and said you have a bright future ahead of you. Christie thought that was patronizing, who does this first-term Senator think he is? On the other hand, you know who’s gone further than any other Republican, or even any other Democrat in New Jersey in saying Christie knew about the bridge thing? It’s Donald Trump. Trump, in December, said he knew about it. Of course he knew about it. Trump has accused Christie of essentially committing a federal crime. The idea that this was just a petty, I’m going to get back at Rubio for taking out $2 million in Super PAC ads against me, that might have had a factor, it might have made it sweeter for Christie, but I think this was just a purely political move, a calculated move to pick the winner, to get on board first, to be the first major establishment Republican to back Trump.”

However, Katz was surprised by Christie’s inability to explain the contradictions that come after moving from opponent to ally in such a short amount of time.

“I was surprised by how unprepared he seemed to defend the endorsement. It was really baffling. Who is Chris Christie is a great question. He did an interview on Saturday following the endorsement where he repudiated all the stuff he’s been saying in New Hampshire over the last several months. He defended the wall, which he had repeatedly, at every New Hampshire stop, made fun of. He defended the idea of putting up the wall, it was totally fine. He had disagreed with Trump’s ban on Muslims. He had actually said this was a demonstration of somebody with no experience. Yet this weekend, he defended that and said it’s totally fine. It doesn’t make any sense.”

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