By Andrew Porter

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — When you get seven 94WIP hosts, the CBS 3 sports director, and Dave Spadaro in the same room together to argue about the Eagles, there are going to be fireworks.

Thursday’s 9th annual Great Birds Debate as Chickie’s and Pete’s in South Philadelphia, was certainly no exception.

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Angelo Cataldi was the moderator.

2016 Great Birds Debate


2016 Great birds debate

Listen to the entire 2016 Great Birds Debate:




Doug Pederson, Sam Bradford, Fletcher Cox, Howie Roseman — and of course — Chip Kelly were all on the agenda of topics asked by moderator and 26-year 94WIP Morning Show host Angelo Cataldi.

Opening Statements:

Innes: “Let’s be honest. There are two people who can win this debate. Me, obviously and Ike because he yells very loud.

“I hope you enjoy seven wins, eight wins [with Sam Bradford]. Sam Bradford stinks like most of Ike Reese’s arguments.”

Reese:  “I appreciate Josh Innes opening this can of whoop-ass he’s about to receive. The people that love the Eagles, they know what an Eagle. They recognize a real Eagles fan.”

2016 Great Birds Debate

Defending champion Ike Reese


Eskin: “We know we have problems and today I hope to fix it.”

Barkann: “We have a quarterback already in our midst that is equipped to do it.”

Haddad: “The Eagles are on the verge of becoming the Cleveland Browns. I don’t think championship organizations operate that way [by signing Sam Bradford]. Draft Carson Wentz with the 13th pick.”

Bell: [Tells Jameis Winston story]. “The Eagles will be much improved this year. Getting rid of Chip Kelly was the answer. Jim Schwartz will provide greatness on defense.”

Hughes: [Goes after Howie Roseman]. “Where is the stats for most offensive lineman drafted? Was Danny Watkins on that list?”

Spadaro: “There is much more work to be done. I do not have the answers to all of the questions. I do know that the team has every expectation to be a contender in the season ahead.”

Macnow: “I’m sick and tired. I’m sick and tired of a tank. Chase Daniel is a one way ticket to “Hinkie-ville”. Sam Bradford, for one year $16-$17 million, I’m in. I want to see what Bradford can do in a full season.”

1. Was the hiring of Doug Pederson a logical decision?

Barkann: Given the situation, it was a logical situation. I think they wanted was someone who they were comfortable with. They wanted to know that he can lead.

Macnow: Well Michael ignores the biggest issue. The problem was — you can’t fire a coach at a time when there is no logical coach out there, to hire.

Haddad: Well the reason no one else wanted the job, was because they wanted on Adam Gase. Everybody they went after, they waited too long.

Spadaro: [To Haddad] Don’t let the facts get in the way of a story.

2016 Great Birds Debate

Eagles insider Dave Spadaro

Innes: Spadaro works for the team. That’s a joke.

Spadaro: Better than someone spewing opinions without ever, ever, going down to the NovaCare Complex. [Innes] is hot air.

Innes: You work for the team!

2. Should the Eagles continue to rely on Jason Peters?

Bell: I think it’s time to move on from Peters. Move Lane Johnson over to left-tackle and draft an offensive lineman with the 13th pick.

Eskin: You’re gonna move Johnson, you’re gonna use the 13th pick for right tackle, although you still need two guards?

Reese: I totally disagree with Don. If you’re gonna put Sammy Sleeves back there, you need someone to protect their blind side.

3. Did Chip Kelly deserved to be fired with more than 2 years left on his contract?

Spadaro: Yes, I support everything that Jeffrey [Lurie] does. The way this football team responded in second half of season was the most disappointing part of everything.

Macnow: Jeff Lurie made a bold move? Jeff Lurie got bullied into making [Chip Kelly] the GM. Lurie did it, that sent this thing spiraling. Chip as GM was the disaster.

Innes: I actually feel bad for Dave now. I’m sorry, I feel bad for him.

Spadaro: You feel bad for me?! That’s interesting.

Reese: Hell yeah it was right that they fired Chip Kelly.

Haddad: Chip would have survived if it wasn’t for the front-office.

Spadaro: Chip Kelly wasn’t fired because he didn’t talk to people and the Xmas is a bunch of crap. He was fired because he was a bad football coach and he didn’t relate to players.

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4. Is Fletcher Cox worth $50 million guaranteed?

Macnow: He had 9.5 sacks as a tackle in a 3-4. He’s going to be better in Jim Schwartz’s 4-3 defense. If you don’t sign him, nothing else makes sense.

5. Does Howie Roseman deserve a second chance to oversee personnel on the Eagles?

Reese: I would say yes. There are good facets that Howie does. He does a great job of managing the salary cap. Can he get better at drafting players? He most certainly can. Since Chip Kelly took over, he had heavy influence on many picks.

Innes: You embarrassed your GM and now you’re trying to feed the people, ‘Bring him on back!’

Eskin: You gotta get a general manager. You have to get a personnel guy. Marcus Smith is a disastrous mistake. Watkins, that was a mistake. Chip didn’t do a lot the first couple years.

Barkann: What is this notion that Howie is not a football guy? He’s been with the Eagles for 17 years. He is a football guy!

2016 Great Birds Debate

Michael Barkann

6. Have the recent assault allegation against LeSean McCoy along with his bad behavior, tainted his legacy?

Innes: Yes, I don’t like LeSean McCoy. It’s irresponsible to throw out garbage against Chip Kelly and not have to back it up, not have to tell people why he felt that way. I think that’s dangerous and irresponsible.

Macnow: I don’t disagree with what Josh said, all that said I’d still rather have him now than Kiko Alonso.

Reese: I also don’t disagree. Shady McCoy has completely tarnished his legacy as a Philadelphia Eagle and it’s sad. No doubt in my mind, to me, he has tainted the memory of Shady McCoy as a football player.

Eskin: Next week is when there will finally be a decision on McCoy charges.

7. Does DeMarco Murray deserve another a chance?

Eskin: They have to give him another chance. It’s a $13 million cap hit. He has to be given another chance. He is too slow. He will never be what he’ll be with the Cowboys.

Macnow: Why the hell are you wearing sunglasses inside?

8. What should the Eagles do with Bradford?

Haddad: Bring him over him for some grab crabfries and then put him on the Amtrak. Do whatever else does: draft somebody.

Spadaro: There’s obviously an interest in keeping Sam.

Reese: Sam Sleeves if you bring him back, can you win 8 games 9? Sure. That’s the problem with the Eagles. It’s time to move on and draft and develop a quarterback.

Innes: He’s never been to the playoffs, Dave! I watch the guy play.

Barkann: QB brings the most reward and the most risk. You can draft Donovan McNabb or Tim Couch. [Bradford is] your guy!

Macnow: If Sam Bradford is gone, who is your quarterback?

Eskin: You have to have an option. You’ve got to have an option and if you don’t it’s no good. Sam Bradford is the best QB you can have for the next few years.

9. Is Lurie the best owner in Philadelphia?

Hughes: Jeff Lurie is a hot mess of an owner and all you have to do is look at this past season.

Spadaro: Jeff Lurie is a great owner and he wants to win and we’re all frustrated.

Innes: I would have enjoyed seeing you on the Titanic.

Reese: Lurie is a good owner. Has he made mistakes? Sure. But I’ve never doubted that he wanted to win and that’s what you want from an owner.

Closing statements:

Reese: We are here as a voice of you, the people. That’s what being an elected official is about. And there’s a reason why I am an ultimate champion. I’m actually excited, just like an I am for the other three teams in this town. It’s a fresh start. I’m embracing it.

Innes: I wanna go back to a quote that Ike had in last year’s debate: ‘Nicky Six is our guy, get behind the guy.’

They’re on the fast track to being a perennial 8-8 team with Sam Bradford. He’s not very good and you don’t have to be from Philly, and you don’t have to have played for the Eagles, to know that he’s not the answer.

Bell: Jeffrey Lurie is a good owner, but also an owner who dropped the ball. If you want a Super Bowl, not happening anytime soon.

Eskin: Well, honestly I feel like this was the Republic Debate. And there’s nothing real about Josh Innes. But the reality of the situation is, we never solve anything. I’m OK with Doug Pederson. Coaches come from no where to become head coaches and some of the succeed.

I’ve got a major announcement here at the end. I am suspending my campaign because you need somebody that actually has something more than these people, so I am suspending my campaign.

Haddad: These people were wrong last year at the debate. I hope I’m wrong and they are close to a Super Bowl. Expect more from your organization, from your football team. Don’t let them settle. Just vote for me, I know you’re good people.

Barkann: How about this year Bradford led the league in dropped passes. He threw for 3,700 yards-plus. The fact of the matter is, the guy has it. How about the WR’s do their jobs?

Hughes: I’m gonna surprise you by closing out by saying I’m real positive because I couldn’t stand Chip Kelly. I don’t think Doug Pederson could mismanage a game like that.

Spadaro: The only time that I will ever win this is after the Eagles win the Super Bowl. That’s the only victory that [anybody] cares about. I’ve really enjoyed working with Doug Pederson.

Macnow: You rebuild fast in the NFL. Jets and Redskins were 4-12 in 2014 and made playoffs in 2015. I think they can win the division next year.

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[Macnow toasts to DeMeco Ryans].