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By Mike Dougherty

By Mike Dougherty

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Boeing is hosting the next generation of engineers in celebration of National Engineers Week. Students are showing off the robots they’ve worked so hard to design and build.

The concepts used and complexity of these student-built robots is astounding.

Erin McCullough is a senior at Ridley High School. She’s just one of dozens of students soaking up everything possible from the brilliant Boeing engineers here.

“Getting to see the real world applications of what we’re trying to do here is super awesome, and I love coming and talking to different Boeing employees,” said McCullough.

Those employees take just as much joy in this day. Engineering manager Peter Karpinsky says they are trying to entice these kids to join their team after school.

“Every year the bar seems to raise. Every year they come in we see more and more technology. It’s exciting. It’s exciting for the engineers here at Boeing,” said Karpinsky.

He says the earlier kids are exposed to robotics, the better chances they have of turning their passion into an engineering career.


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