By Tony Romeo

HARRISBURG, Pa., (CBS) — Governor Tom Wolf has signed a bill that will keep horse race tracks open in Pennsylvania.

Back in the fall, state officials said horse racing in Pennsylvania might have to shut down due to a lack of funds to regulate the industry, caused largely by a 71-percent decline in wagering since 2001. But Tuesday, Governor Wolf signed a bill to modernize regulation of horse racing. One big change will combine the state’s two existing, separate commissions that regulate thoroughbred and harness racing into one unified organization.

“It’s going to streamline and let this one commission coordinate the drug testing… veterinary oversight of horse racing… and change some other things… which really fixes a fiscal mess that the horse racing industry was in.”

One financial fix in the bill signed by the Governor will involve using money generated by casino gaming, known as the Race Horse Development Fund, to pay for drug testing.