PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The maker of the world’s best-selling smartphones has a couple new devices for your consideration. Samsung has unveiled the latest in its Galaxy lineup at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and there’s a nice bonus for early adopters.

Pre-orders, beginning Tuesday for the Galaxy S7 and the larger S7 Edge, will get you a free Gear VR — that’s Samsung’s virtual reality headset.

“You feel like you’re actually there,” said Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, at the Samsung event. “You’re actually surfing in Tahiti or flying with the Blue Angels, or exploring the surface of Mars.”

Zuckerberg said he has teams building social apps for virtual reality.

Now, about those phones…

“Water has been kryptonite for most devices,” said Zuckerberg.

Not for the S7, according to Samsung’s Justin Denison.

“These beauties are water resistant,” Denison said. “It can spend up to 30 minutes submerged in up to a meter and a half of water.”

And the phones keep their cool while you’re playing games with crazy graphics.

“There’s a tube containing a liquid that vaporizes at high temperatures and then condenses at lower temperatures,” Denison said, “kind of like air conditioning for your phone.”

Samsung touts its expandable memory, bigger batteries, low-light friendly camera, and do-not-disturb feature for gamers as advantages over rival Apple, and the latest iPhone 6S.