PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — We had an unusually warm weekend with the temperature climbing into 60’s, and we’ve only had one significant snowfall this season. So it’s been a mild winter right? Not according to Penn State Meteorology Professor Jon Nese.

“January and February have settled back toward average. January about a degree and a half above and February will end up near average,” Nese says. “So I think though the perception will be that it’s a mild winter, that will be mainly because of what happened in December.”

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December saw temperatures 13 degrees above average.

“What happened in December was so off the charts that it really was kind of a shocker,” he says. “I think the winter as a whole, your memory of it is dominated by the warmth of December.”

Nese says every winter has cold snaps and warm spells.

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“Nothing that’s happened in the last couple months has been all that surprising to me as a meteorologist.”

And he doesn’t expected any surprises for the last month of winter.


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