PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Forty-four men have become the nation’s Commander-in-Chief. Sworn in, they all made a trip to the White House. And today, on this Presidents’ Day, so can you…without even leaving Philadelphia.

“Headed to the White House” is the National Constitution Center’s newest exhibit. It takes visitors on an interactive journey.

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“It’s a lot of fun and it shows you more about the highest office in the country,” says Mark Kehres, training manager. “You begin at the decision to announce your candidacy, you can practice giving a speech in a presidential fashion with a 1960’s style TelePrompTer.

Once you’re a candidate you have to win your party’s nomination.

Just inside the front doors of the exhibit is a convention hall floor. On each state sign are the rules for caucuses and primaries.

“We’re talking about the process of how the primaries work, the caucuses work, which is so important, because that just started happening in the last week or so,” says Sarah Winski, the exhibition’s developer. “And then we take you right up the convention and obviously there’s going to be a lot of excitement around that here in Philadelphia this summer.”

And no campaign is successful without a strong ground game. Meet your supporters, shake some hands and, of course, prepare for a debate.

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“You can make a campaign ad for yourself,” Winski says. “You can practice making a campaign speech, you can make campaign buttons here.”

Get inspired by campaign buttons of the past, check out some bumper stickers, even campaign soft drinks.

“A couple of cans from the 1964 election on called Johnson Juice, another one called Gold Water for Barry Goldwater,” Kehres says.

Then cruise on to inauguration day.

And take the oath office.

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“Headed to the White House” runs through Election Day.