PHILADELPHIA (CBS) —  Chris Stigall rebuked Donald Trump for an appearance on the ‘CBS This Morning,’ following his inability to distinguish himself from Bernie Sanders. Charlie Rose asked Trump, who is running for the Republican nomination for President, about the shared appeal he enjoys with Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders, to which Trump answered that the two have many things in common.

Stigall said it is unacceptable for Trump to not explain the difference between their philosophies and contrast their ideological positions.

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“Words mean things and definitions mean things. I don’t care if Charlie Rose said what’s the difference in the appeal, what’s the appeal factor? I don’t care what he says. If you’re not able to tell Charlie Rose and the nation, please don’t put Bernie Sanders and I in the same sentence. My base and his base are not the same people. Charlie Rose basically said, you both have these wild bases of support. What’s the appeal there between you two? If you can’t say, well, his people are excited about free college, that ain’t my base. If you can’t say that, I think there’s trouble. That’s doesn’t mean I hate Trump and it doesn’t mean I don’t think Trump can win, but at his core, this guy will not define conservatism, constitutionalism, hell, even the difference in appeal for their fan base. If you can’t understand the difference in even appeal between you and Bernie Sanders, then what are we talking about here?”

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