By Joseph Santoliquito

PHILADELPHIA, PA (CBS) — Like many competitive eaters, Bob Shoudt’s entry into this inordinary world was derived from a bet.

The 49-year-old from Royersford saw an eating contest on TV, made a wager with his boss at the time that he could out-eat any one of them—and before he knew it, he was.

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Shoudt, or “The Notorious B.O.B.,” is the defending local Wing Bowl champion after eating 280 wings last year, finishing third behind Patrick Bertoletti’s overall record-total of 444 wings and Molly Schuyler’s 440.

His winding turn into this unique contest took some twists. Shoudt was the captain of the Ursinus College cross-country team in the late-1980s, lugging 220 pounds over a 6.2-mile course. His father is legendary track coach Bob Shoudt Sr., who coached at Villanova and various other high schools and colleges in the area.

No one other runner in the Centennial Conference was over 135 pounds. Shoudt’s 6-2, 220 frame made him look like a football player running amidst sticks. He graduated with a degree in business and has been a competitive eater for roughly the last 14 years. His added vocation has taken him all over the world, eating competitively in Ireland and Japan.

“After I graduated college, that was it, I haven’t run a step since,” Bob Jr. said, laughing. “Once I saw this eating contest on TV and made a bet with my boss that I could eat more than those guys; that opened the door.

“I beat a lot of people that I saw on TV. When I found out that they pay money to win, I thought it was something I could do. It was different; I was really growing into the sport and I started traveling to different countries. My kids got older and that’s given me a little flexibility. My family has been very supportive.”

Shoudt made a mistake the first time he competed at Wing Bowl. He brought his wife and mom. He hasn’t repeated that. There’s no chance he’ll ever bring his children, when they are old enough, either.

His oldest, Noah, 18, is currently the youngest seminarian at St. Charles Borromeo Seminary. Noah had the pleasure of meeting Pope Francis when he visited Philadelphia in late September.

Shoudt laughed about the dichotomy of a son who may one day be a priest, to competing in a living den of iniquity like Wing Bowl, which is more like Sodom and Gomorrah in a cup.

“I will admit it’s not the best place to bring kids,” said Shoudt, whose eating exploits translated into winning a Chrysler 300 at Wing Bowl 23. “I take this seriously. I trained two months for it. To me, it is an athletic endeavor.

“The extreme of anything is abnormal. For this contest, I’m going to use a different technique. I know I can eat more than I did last year. My numbers will improve. Pat and Molly are good eaters. I just need to do what I can do and I’ll have no regrets because I put the time in.”

Guide to Wing Bowl 24
Round Format
First round: 30 eaters-14 minutes.
Second round: Top 10 eaters advance for 14 minutes.
Final round: Top five eaters advance in a speed-eating two- minute round.

Eater Odds & Seeds
1. Patrick Bertoletti
Weight: 185
Odds: 2-1 (overall)

2. Molly Schuyler
Weight: 125lbs
Odds: 3-1

3. Tim “Gravy Brown” Brown
Weight: 185lbs
Odds: 5-1

4. Bob “The Notorious B.O.B.” Shoudt
Weight: 285lbs
Odds: 7-1 (overall) 2-1 (local)

5. Richard “Uncle Rico” Franceschi
Weight: 260lbs
Odds: 9-1 (overall) 3-1 (local)

6. Dave “Wings & Things” Brunelli
Weight: 250lbs
Odds: 10-1 (overall) 6-1 (local)

7. Carman “Chicken Carm” Cincotti
Weight: 165lbs
Odds: 12-1 (overall) 7-1 (local)

8. Brandan “Skin & Bones” Lyman
Weight: 178lbs
Odds: 15-1 (overall) 8-1 (local)

9. Luke “Winginitis” Sturgis
Weight: 300lbs
Odds: 16-1 (overall) 9-1 (local)

10. John “Oink Oink” Bradley
Weight: 245lbs
Odds: 18-1 (overall) 12-1 (local)

11. Kevin “L.A. Beast” Strahle
Weight: 240lbs
Odds: 20-1

12. Nick “Nick Papagorgio” Kelleher
Weight: 270lbs
Odds: 20-1 (overall) 10-1 (local)

13. Kevin “Qwazy” Ambs
Weight: 260lbs
Odds: 20-1 (overall) 12-1 (local)

14. Dave “The Termite” Wood
Weight: 200lbs
Odds: 20-1 (overall) 20-1 (local)

15. Matt “Matt & Cheese” Yavoich
Weight: 215lbs
Odds: 25-1 (overall) 16-1 (local)

16. Monty “Moe Train” Wiradilaga
Weight: 250lbs
Odds: 30-1 (overall) 6-1 (local)

17. Kurt “Rumspringa” Fritzsche
Weight: 200lbs
Odds: 30-1 (overall) 10-1 (local)

18. Danielle “Danny the Marine” Gatlos
Weight: 200lbs
Odds: 30-1 (overall) 15-1 (local)

19. Dave “U.S. Male” Goldstein
Weight: 215lbs
Odds: 75-1 (overall) 10-1 (local)

20. Steve “Tart Tent” Buchanan
Weight: 230lbs
Odds: 80-1 (overall) 12-1 (local)

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21. Dimitry “Ukraine Train” Schupak
Weight: 235 lbs
Odds: 85-1 (overall) 15-1 (local)

22. Brian “Ginger Wings” Lafferty
Weight: 175lbs
Odds: 90-1 (overall) 15-1 (local)

23. Jake “Little Wing” Latchum
Weight: 185lbs
Odds: 100-1 (overall) 20-1 (local)

24. Jerry “Iceman” Spearing
Weight: 240lbs
Odds: 100-1 (overall) 40-1 (local)

25. Daniil “The Russian Bear” Lysenko
Weight: 270lbs
Odds: 50-1 (overall) 20-1 (local) 2-1 (college)

26. Chad “Meat Fridge” Cerino
Weight: 225lbs
Odds: 75-1 (overall) 40-1 (local) 4-1 (college)

27. Kevin “Brutus” Bruton
Weight: 205lbs
Odds: 75-1 (overall) 40-1 (local) 4-1 (college)

28. Matthew “Blonde Mamba” Gyerman
Weight: 185lbs
Odds: 75-1 (overall) 30-1 (local) 3-1 (college)

29. Jarrett “Anonymous” Edelman
Weight: 280lbs
Odds: 100-1 (overall) 50-1 (local) 5-1 (college)

30. Douglas “Obi Wing” Petock
Weight: 295lbs
Odds: Infinitiy-1(overall) infinitiy-1 (local)

Past Wing Bowl Winners
23: Patrick Bertoletti-444 (Wing Bowl record)
January 30, 2015 Wells Fargo Center

22: Molly Schuyler-363
January 31, 2014 Wells Fargo Center

21: Jamie “The Bear” McDonald-287
February 1, 2013Wells Fargo Center

20: Takeru Kobayashi-337
February 3, 2012 Wells Fargo Center

19: Jonathan “Super” Squibb-255
February 4, 2011Wells Fargo Center

18: Jonathan “Super” Squibb-238
February 5, 2010 Wachovia Center

17: Jonathan “Super” Squibb-203
January 30, 2009 Wachovia Center

16: Joey Chestnut-241
February 1, 2008 Wachovia Center

15: Joey Chestnut-182
February 2, 2007 Wachovia Center

14: Joey Chestnut-173
February 3, 2006 Wachovia Center

13: Bill “El Wingador” Simmons-162
February 4, 2005 Wachovia Center

12: Sonya “The Black Widow” Thomas-167
January 30, 2004 Wachovia Center

11: Bill “El Wingador” Simmons-154
January 24, 2003 First Union Center

10: Bill “El Wingador” Simmons-135
February 1, 2002 First Union Center

9: Bill “El Wingador” Simmons-137
January 26, 2001 First Union Center

8: “Tollman Joe” Paul-90
January 28, 2000 First Union Center

7: Bill “El Wingador” Simmons-113
January 29, 1999 Spectrum

6: Mark “Big Rig” Vogeding-164
January 23, 1998 Spectrum

5: Eric “Gentleman E” Behl-120
January 24, 1997 Electric Factory

4: Glen “Fluffmaster” Garrison-155
January 26, 1996 Electric Factory

3: Kevin “Heavy Keavy” O’Donnell-133
January 27, 1995 Club Egypt

2: Kevin “Heavy Keavy” O’Donnell-127
January 28, 1994 The Main Event

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1: Carmen “The Beast From the East” Cordero-100
January 29, 1993 Wyndham Franklin Plaza Hotel