Philadelphia (CBS) – Chris Stigall criticized presidential candidates Ben Carson and Donald Trump for blaming Ted Cruz after rumors were spread by his supporters in the moments before the Iowa Caucus that Carson was dropping out and returning home to Florida.

Stigall, on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, said this entire controversy is Carson’s fault for running such a poor campaign and making mistakes that can be exploited by his opponents.

“These people are in perpetual, constant dog fights. On the mic, off the mic, on the camera, off the camera, on Twitter, they’re never off, they’re never off, they never go away. You certainly do not go away before votes have been cast in the first state in the union to vote. You don’t get on a plane and say, I’m going home for some R and R, I’ll catch you Thursday at the prayer breakfast. You are a political neophyte if you’re out there crying in your beer for Ben Carson. I’m more irritated at Carson than I am Trump, actually. Carson out there [saying] that’s a dirty trick. No, you’re a bad, bad candidate Doctor, and I respect you a lot sir. I think you’re brilliant man, a man of God. But that is a stupid, stupid campaign move at this level. And to blame it on Cruz? Please.”