By Justin Udo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — North Philadelphia Health System is closing the doors at one of its hospitals.

One political leader has some requests of the hospital to help those affected by the closure.

State representative Curtis Thomas says when he received word in late December that St. Joesph’s Hospital in North Philadelphia was closing in March, he was upset to say the least.

“I was outraged and extremely troubled.”

Thomas says his office is requesting the hospital’s closure date be moved back 30 days and that all employees are ensured alternative employment

“Along with the situation facing the patients, we have 1,100 employees that would be out of work.”

Kevin Feely with the North Philadelphia Health System says the closure is part of a state forced consolidation, but they are doing their best to make sure their workers do not end up on the unemployment line.

“Many of the folks will feel the impact of this and we’re talking to other institutions, we’re working with the unions and we’re working with the city to develop a plan to try and negate that impact to the greatest extent possible.”

Feely says they are also trying to relocate some of their workers to their Girard Medical Center campus.