PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Dogs and cats in need of a home may be getting a new place to stretch their paws.

The Voorhees Animal Orphanage is kicking off a new building campaign Thursday, January 28, 2016 that will help them expand their animal shelter. The additional shelter will be added to its existing location to improve options and resources for homeless animals in Camden County.

“Every day, dogs and cats are brought to animal shelters where they wait to be adopted.  In order to meet the growing need for space, the Voorhees Animal Orphanage is looking to grow to better serve the needs of residents and their new pets,” said Freeholder Jeff Nash.

The campaign will help the orphanage raise the funds needed to expand, and help more animals get adopted.

“My best friend Norman and I encourage you to adopt a pet from a local shelter,” Jeff said.  “The happiness that one gets from being greeted at the end of a hard day by your family dog and cat has no equal.”

Fundraising goals, tours of the existing facility, and renderings of the proposed building were available during the event.

The Voorhees Orphanage was founded in 1988 and has rescued, rehabilitated, and helped to place over 20,000 cats and dogs and works in partnership with municipalities, other shelters, rescue groups, fosters, volunteers, and the greater Philadelphia and South Jersey community. For more information, visit