By Molly Daly

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Friends and colleagues are remembering TJ Tindall, a beloved member of the Philadelphia music community whose name might not ring a bell, but whose guitar playing was an integral part of the Sound of Philadelphia.

TJ Tindall played on more than 30 hits produced by Gamble and Huff in the 70s and 80s, including Disco Inferno. But fellow MFSB member Bobby Eli says Tindall was much more than a solid soul guitarist — he was inventive.

“If you listen to the song “Enjoy Yourself” by the Jacksons. It’s got that iconic intro that he played, and a lot of that stuff, he just made it up,” said Eli.

Hooters drummer David Uosikkinen knew Tindall as mentor and friend.

“Probably the most giving musician I’ve ever met. ‘Never mind, it’ll be ok. You know what to do.’ That was his thing. ‘You know what to do.’ But he didn’t always say that to me in the beginning. He would tell me what to do. Now I knew what to do because he told me. So, that was TJ. ‘Don’t play a lot of fills. Let the music do the talking,'” said Uosikkinen.

TJ Tindall died Tuesday. He was 65.