3pm – New York Public Urination Laws And Racism

3:05pm – Upset Over Megyn Kelly, Donald Trump Says He May Skip Debate

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3:10pm – Last Night’s Democratic Town Hall in 90 Seconds

3:20pm –Activists charged over secret Planned Parenthood videos

3:30pm – Joel B Pollak, the Senior Editor-at-Large and In-House Counsel at Breitbart News in Los Angeles discussed his article, A Conservative Case for Donald Trump.

4pm – Ian Tuttle, a National Review Institute Buckley Fellow in Political Journalism discussed his article, America’s Heroin Crisis Was Birthed by the Law of Unintended Consequences.

4:20pm – Abe Vigoda, sunken-eyed character actor, dies at 94

4:30pm – Gov. Ed Rendell discussed the Democratic Town Hall, Superbowl Predictions and more.

4:50pm – 1210 Debate Watch Party

5pm – How Much Can Really Change Before Iowa Votes

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5:15pm – George Pataki Backs Marco Rubio’s 2016 Bid

5:30pm – Whoopi Goldberg Hilariously Misstates Where Your Gonads Are

5:50pm – Bernie Sanders sings?! Jimmy Fallon shares an entrancing track







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