By Cherri Gregg

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Last week, the Philadelphia Police Department launched a campaign reminding residents that “saving” a parking space after a snow storm is illegal.

In a few Philadelphia neighborhoods, residents say “savesies” is in full effect.

The effort was admirable.

Police shared an animated reminder:


But in reality, days after the storm, snow is everywhere and parking spaces are scarce.

“If you have to dig these cars out, for a couple of hours it takes you. I think that when you come back out of courtesy, if people see a space that’s all done, they should not take it.”


Frank lives in Kensington. It took him three hours to free his SUV, so he put a trash can in the space to save it for later.

Gregg: ‘People respect that in this neighborhood?’

“In this neighborhood, yes they do,” says a resident.

The best items to use: lawn chairs, trash bags, cinderblocks.

“Anything broken is fine, anything of value is foolish.”

One guy put up a cardboard sign that says, “Take my space and I’ll smash your windows.”

“I mean that goes too far, but taking someone’s space goes too far.”

Police say it could take a while to tally the number of savsies complaints.