PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Philadelphia will get some help with that difficult side street plowing that’s continuing after the weekend’s massive snowfall. The Parking Authority is riding in with reinforcements.

At its regular board meeting, the Parking Authority moved to buy six new Bobcats, the small plows that fit on narrow streets. The Authority uses them for its lots and to open access to street parking, but Executive Director Vince Fenerty says, once that work is done, it’s been helping the city.

“All my crews will be assisting the city this afternoon, because ours will be done, with clearing the secondary streets which our equipment can fit down,” said Fenerty.

Fenerty says the Authority had budgeted for twelve new ones in next year’s budget. They simply moved up the purchase of these six. Each one costs about $50,000, but Fenerty says it’s part of the Authority’s mission.
“It’s our job to help keep the streets open to help people be able to back to parking spaces, to get back to paying kiosks, to get back to paying meters… we want to get the economy of our city going again,” said Fenerty.

He hopes to have the Bobcats here in the next few days.