PHILADELPHIA (CBS) —  It’s been nearly two days since the blizzard stopped dumping snow and the while the cleanup may be underway it’s just not happening fast enough for many in South Philly.

A sea of snow has trapped cars and stranded entire blocks south of Washington.

“The city always forgets about us. We are used to it in South Philly,” Rob Rittenhouse told Eyewitness News.

“This is horrible, worst I’ve seen it,” resident Kathy Heller said.

Kathy Heller says she got no response after calling 311, so neighbors on Durfor street spent $600 and hired their own plow.

Her car is stuck halfway down the block and her husband has to get to work in the morning.

“A lot of people are angry. A lot of people are angry with the mayor, too,” Heller said.

The city has been moving snow from main roads for more than 24 hours and the mayor says he understands the frustration.

“It’s important to you and if you’re not out yet, you’re frustrated and I recognize that, but we have go through this in a methodical way to make sure city gets back to work as soon as possible,” Kenney said.

Dump trucks bring it all to five locations city-wide.

In Fairmount, most roads are still waiting for those dump trucks and front loaders, so in the meantime Dan Elliot grabbed a shovel.

“I’m trying to chip away at it a little bit easier. I’m tired of taking the subway already,” Elliot said.

And instead of tossing it in the street, he’s using a garbage can to unload it out of the way of cars or the plow he hopes is coming soon.

“I was going to go to the gym but I got my workout in,” he said.

In South Philly, with an entire block stranded for more than two days, the adults decided to have a little fun with the kids’ street igloo saying it was good to get out and have fun to make the most of the situation.