By Mark Abrams

MONTGOMERY COUNTY (CBS) — PECO’s Emergency Operations Center in Plymouth Meeting, Montgomery County is monitoring the storm’s impact on the power network.

A few floors below ground level, PECO engineers and managers gathered in front of computers and video screens, monitoring the electricity distribution network across this region. PECO’s Debra Yemenijian says they’re able to also focus on trouble or outage areas and rapidly direct power restoration efforts.

“Our system allows us to respond quickly,” Yemenijian said. “We can dispatch a crew very quickly and safely and get them out there to respond to any customer needs, and make any repairs that the weather may impact on our system.”

(Photo Credit: KYW's Mark Abrams)

(Photo Credit: KYW’s Mark Abrams)

Yemenijian says PECO has repair crews positioned throughout the region to improve that response. She says the operations center is staffed 24 hours a day and will remain active until well after the storm passes and the threat of outages diminishes.