PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Chris Stigall railed against Donald Trump’s claims that he will be a deal maker if he is elected the next President, saying the entirety of his appeal to this point was the promise to shake things up in Washington DC, not to negotiate deals.

Stigall says this is a misstep by Trump that should have serious consequences moving forward.

“Do you ever hear the Democratic party say the word ‘deal?’ Ever? No. In fact, what do you hear Mrs. Clinton say? She’s proud. One of her proudest achievements is making enemies with the Republican party, she once joked on the debate stage. I’ll give Donald Trump a lot of credit for a lot of things. I have and I do and I will. But, this is wrong. This is a stupid strategy. I think it’s his first failing strategy and I think Cruz ought to ride this thing all the way to Iowa. If he keeps hammering this notion that, I know how to cut deals and get things done in Washington, no one’s clamoring for things to get done in Washington. Washington’s done quite enough, thank you.”