PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Political analyst John Hayward was highly critical of President Obama’s final State of the Union Address, pointing out, what he called, failures in managing the economy and foreign policy.

Hayward, a columnist at Breitbart said during a discussion with Chris Stigall on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT that the President is intentionally tearing the country apart.

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“Obama is so bitterly divisive. Everything he says is designed to divide us and pit us against each other. He was doing that during the speech. The passage…about how the reason wages are flat is that evil fat cats are exploiting the workers. I mean, he’s laying down Marxist claptrap in the middle of his last State of the Union speech. What absurd BS that was. Immigration is one of the major reasons wages are flat. Every economist knows that. They’ll all tell you that. There’s a whole bunch of reasons why. Obamacare is a big part of the reason wages are flat. He directly caused this down economy we’re in and it’s a down economy. Don’t make any mistake about that.”

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He accused Obama of dishonestly trying to re-write history.

“He treated this whole speech like the summation of his Presidency. It was his way to write, kind of, write history on his way out the door and he did it by beginning the speech and saying, I’m going to keep it short and there won’t be any policy proposals and then it went on forever. It was like six hours long and it was nothing but policy proposals. He just kept rambling and rambling. It was so dissociative, but the thing that struck me about it, as he was going through this thing, is that he is Donald Trump. The reason Donald Trump is doing well is that he is the reflection, like the mirror image of Obama. Obama’s a brazen liar, in your face, lie after lie after lie.”

Hayward also accused the President of mismanaging his foreign policy team.

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“He’s nervous. He knows how people are looking at foreign policy, the concerns about terrorism and national security. He’s also, remember Hillary Clinton out there, he’s trying to pave the way for her. She was an unmitigated disaster. I’d say she was the worst Secretary of State ever but then John Kerry came after her so she’s one of the two worst Secretaries of State ever and they both worked for him.”