Former Judge and current cable news legal commentator Andrew Napolitano accused President Obama of politicizing his executive action to expand background checks on gun purchases.

During an interview with Rich Zeoli on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, Napolitano predicted that the President will pay a political penalty for attempting to overreach on gun control.

“He could’ve done anything he wanted with respect to guns. He had all the votes that he needed in the Congress. Now, when there are overwhelming Republican majorities in both houses of Congress, he decides, in the 11th hour of his Presidency to attempt to do this on his own. I think there’s a political motive here. I think the political motive is to gin up the Democratic base but I think this is going to explode in his face politically. I think he’s going to find that ethnic Democrats, blue-collar Democrats, middle-of-the-road Democrats, Republicans that don’t always vote will come out in droves because of fear that he is tampering with liberties expressly articulated in the Constitution.”