PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Chris Stigall, on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT agreed with the premise of an article that Donald Trump’s popularity was created by the ‘pc police.’

Stigall says that may people who feel their opinions and feelings are being marginalized are the same people who are gravitating to Donald Trump.

“If you have a thought that’s counter to what told you’re to think today, odds are, you’re really strongly considering Trump. This is not hard to understand…I’m just saying it’s very clear to understand why he continues his popularity. People are tired of feeling bullied and harassed simply for feeling or thinking or saying things that are out of step with what’s considered the pop culture or political norm, as dictated by the hard left in this country. They’re tired and Trump says, I don’t care, I got enough money and you can’t bully me into submission. So, he’s their hero.”