Alex Griffin is the Applied Health Services Account Manager for Aerotek in Philadelphia. Alex received his Bachelor of Science degree in marketing from Penn State University. Aerotek is the leading provider of recruiting and staffing services. The company offers recruiting and staffing services within the technical, professional and industrial industry.

When hiring a contractor specifically within healthcare, what do you look for in an employee?

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“The first thing we look for in a candidate is relevant, recent experience. We want to make sure that healthcare companies get the best candidates to positively impact business as quickly as possible. Another thing we look for is training and certifications for healthcare specific skills, as well as continuing education. This is beneficial for our contractors and puts them in the best position to succeed.”

What advice would you give to someone entering into the healthcare field?

“The advice that we give candidates is to get additional education. Once someone is committed to the field, we advise them to continue their education. Getting an additional education and certifications helps us find the perfect fit for candidates.”

What changes have you observed in the past year as far as business growth and hiring practices within the healthcare field?

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“There are a few trends that we have seen over the past year. One is that healthcare companies are merging together to form larger health systems. These systems help individuals get all the care they need in one system. Also, we are seeing a high number of companies using contractors for their busy seasons, contingent workers are valuable for companies so they can meet business goals.”

 What is the median salary for a position in the healthcare field?

“The median salary really depends on the skill sets. Salaries are very competitive with companies to ensure they get the best talent. We see higher salaries in positions that require certifications and licenses.”

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